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Bob was born in Kilmarnock, (home of Johnnie Walker Whiskey) Scotland, on March 10th, 1967. He was raised in the town of Cumnock in Ayrshire which was, at that time, predominantly a a coal mining area but more well-known globally for its' cattle.


       B.F: Despite the fact that I was only 12 when we left Scotland I have very vivid memories of it & plenty of them too. My parents can vouch for that. They're often quite surprised by certain events that I can recall as plain as day. Although it was bloody freezing most of the time with plenty of snow & 'greyness' everywhere, even the people. I don't recall it as being an unpleasant thing as such; it's just how it was. Having said this, quite a few Australians say "Oh, you must miss the snow." Like fuck, I do! With the exception of around Xmas & that it looks nice on postcards, that's about it. We had 2 sporting seasons over there. There was summer football season & winter football season. We'd be out in the streets in all weather at all hours after school playing. If no-one had a proper ball, we'd use a crushed tin can. It was great fun. I don't recall this as being seen as a danger or safety hazard back then. It was a very close neighbourhood; no-one locked their doors & everyone knew everyone & just got along. Maybe we were lucky but nasty incidents certainly weren't in the media as much. Like lots of things I guess. I imagine these things still went on, though.




      Bob had a rather normal upbringing with a liking for, & better than average ability at, football. He was a better than average student at Greenmill Primary School & was well liked by staff & fellow students alike, yet has always considered himself to have been shy as a child & to some extent as an adult too; something that most people who have met Bob may find a touch more than surprising.

      In April 1979 he emigrated to Tasmania with his family & settled in the small north-west coast town of Stanley.


        B.F: I remember when we first came here that our accent was something of a novelty. We were never given a hard time about it but I found myself adopting my version af an Australian accent as I was continually misunderstood by teachers. I guess that makes me bilingual. Actually, my so-called Australian accent sounds more like a cross between Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. As I got older & after a few drinks my broad Scots accent would return unbeknownst to me. Get me & my younger brother going and you're no chance. It's a handy conversation piece, but that's about all. Other people find it more interesting than I do.

                   Bob attended the nearby Smithton High School & after completing his Matriculation at Hellyer College in Burnie in 1985 was uncertain of what career path to take. Music teching & journalism were 2 options that he seriously considered. He commenced his General Nursing Training at the University of Tasmania but was stricken with glandular fever & returned to Stanley

                    B.F: To this day, I have no idea how I came to be a nurse. I just sort of fell into it. 

        Once he had recuperated from glandular fever, Bob had time up his sleeve & an opening in a local band became available. He returned to his nursing training at the end of 1986, this time through the hospital-based system, in Burnie.

         After completing his General Nursing Training, Bob began working as a State Registered Nurse on a casual basis. This afforded him the opportunity to form another band which was to be his final & most successful by far. He then focussed on his nursing career specialising in Aged Care & spent a period of time as a Charge Nurse. 


 Bob was married on April 6th, 1996 to his partner of 6 years. Their son was born in 1997 & their daughter was born in 2000.

             Unfortunately, Bob was divorced in 2002 but still maintains a wonderful relationship with his children. These are areas that he is reluctant to talk about outside of his close friends.

 Since returning to Stanley in April, 2007, Bob seems to be slowly but consistently returning to the person that I knew a lifetime ago. His intensity for music, which is only rivalled by his bizarre humour, has returned & I feel that these attributes should be put put to the public at large....if they're ready for it.

          The fact that he has entered the world of websites is a good indicator to me that he is returning to his former self with a vengeance.                                                                                                   

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