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Welcome to the most recent addition to my website.

Having contemplated writing a book for as long as I can remember, the advent of 'ebooks' has made this a reality....(as of March 12, 2010 to be precise).

I am hoping to be adding fresh ebooks relatively frequently, varying in subject matter & size. As is the case with songwriting, I do enjoy the writing process in general & hope that you will find something of interest & enjoyment.

Website members will be notified immediately when a new release is published. 




           Online Music Traps 


     A comprehensive guide to the online music industry & how independent musicians can make an impact without the numerous costly 'traps.'

    This versatile ebook has been specifically designed to cater for musicians of all levels & genres & concludes with a sequential scenario which can be easily adapted to suit your own needs. 

     "Online Music Traps" is currently available on, Smashwords, Click2Sell & PayDotCom, the latter 3 of which offer affiliate incentives for making a sale or sales of the book by your referral.

    Additional options including Amazon are soon to be made available directly from here.

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make an impact without the numerous 
costly 'trap
industry & how independent musicians can 
make an impact without the numerous 
costly 'traps.'



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         Blind Horse Uncovered 

  "Blind Horse Uncovered" is one for the true music analyst & enthusiast.

    It is a sequential breakdown of the album 'Blind Horse.' Liner notes, lyrics and circumstances surrounding the creation of each song are provided along with the MP3 album.

    I have adventurously called this publication an 'e-package' and am sure that it will provide the deepest possible insight into the creation of the album. 

enthusiast. A sequential track by track 
breakdown of Bob Findlay's album 'Blind Horse.' 
Original liner notes, lyrics and circumstances 
surrounding the creation of each song are 
provided by the artist himself about an 
album whose material spans 15 yea
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